Current Trends in Leadership

Topics: Management, Leadership, Skill Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: January 20, 2013
* Collective Leadership1: Feel the power of acting as one

Now a day leaders are following a trend of As one, which is a short phrase but it is filled with meaning and inspiration. In simple sense As one means to sum up the individual actions into collective power. According to the article individuals can collaborate to achieve extraordinary results together. Every day people meet, collaborate from different countries, organizations and industries so that to make the things happen. In this, some collaborations are unintentional, some are deliberately or sometimes it uses web technologies. But the basic fundamental reason behind these collaborations or working as one phenomenon is to have a winning edge. And this winning edge is usually determined by the organization that best works as one. Leaders have added the phrase as one which has changed its meaning completely. For e.g. working, it is an individual action but when it is connected with “as one” the entire meaning of both word and the phrase has changed, i.e. working as one, which shows the power of collectivism in an organization. Similarly winning versus winning as one, stronger versus stronger as one. Now they know that sources of inspirations are endless, just think of the possibilities and believe as one, succeed as one. The definition of leadership is evolving, such as:

* Some say leadership is all about productivity, making employees work together efficiently. They say that great leader should get people to have a common interpretation around how to work together. * Some say leadership is all about people. They say a leader’s job is to develop people’s sense of belonging to their group. They believe a great leader should get people to have a strong shared identity or sense of who they are. * Some say leadership is all about purpose. They feel a leader’s job is to drive people’s commitment to act on the goals of the organization. A great leader gets people to have a strong sense of...
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