Current Trends in It That Impact the Global Community and How It Might Relate to How It Organisations Are Structured.

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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Question: What current trend in IT is impacting the global community and how might it relate to how IT organisations are structured? Is this trend evidence of a shrinking or expanding global community?

I am currently involved in a wide range of IT solutions to Government. Whether it is software development, Networking, Website or Database solutions.

In most governments in the Caribbean, technology is leaving them far behind. What people do in their personal life with technology does not necessary evolve into the workplace. Also, there is a big and growing crack between what the rest of the world is using for the latest technology and what the governments of smaller economies can supply.

Likewise my government, while seeing IT as an important tool, still does not see IT as important enough to invest in it in a meaningful way.

As the public sector population and a technology driven society becomes younger the following trends will push successive governments to change their strategy and how they view technology.

For example distributed network and collaboration tools are what people have become accustom to and that is why my department is pushing the use of a business collaborative tool. This tool is an enterprise unified communication platform, where users can keep track of contacts availability or send an IM, start or join an audio, video, or web conference; or makes a phone call. This was all because persons have become so familiar with similar interfaces that they use daily in their private lives.
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