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A Stand Bus

                           A bus stand is a please where different types of buses come, stop and start from. It is located at the turning of the road or an   important place. It is usually built of tin-sheds. It gives services to the passengers.Buses of different routes are always available here. A bus Stand always gives a busy and noisy picture. Some passengers get into buses and get down from the buses. Some of them wait for the buses and some of them collect tickets from the counters. The helpers and the conductors shout for the passengers. Hawkers sell betel leaf, cigarettes, newspapers, fancy items, etc. Book stalls, tea stalls, fruit shops are also found here. Some evil doers often flock at the bus stand. They try to harm the passengers. So, we ought to be aware of them. A bus stand, however, plays an important role in communication sector.     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2.                         Newspaper

                 Newspaper is the storehouse of various information. It holds the news of all corners of the world. So, we can know the situation of daily life remaining in our room. Newspapers are of many kinds. They are dailies, weeklies, fortnightlies and monthlies. Among them, the dailies are mostly favuorite as they carry fresh news for us. In our country. The remarkable newspapers are the Ittefaq, the in Inqlab, the Protom Alo, the Bangladesh Observer, the daily star, the daily Independent, the Amar Desh, the Naya Diganta, etc. Of them, I like the Bangladesh observer very much. Since newspapers bear the current information, we can not do with out newspapers for a single day. Newspapers have also stories, novels, poems, etc. The important steps and changes of the govt. and the sports news are published in newspapers. Sometimes false news makes us confused. It is the scale to know the standard of a country. It  acts as a companion for us.


3.                     A school magazine

                          A school magazine is a literary journal of the school students. It is usually published annually. Like others, we have a school magazine. The title of our magazine is “Deep Shikha’’. It’s a A4 size coloured annual magazine with extra ordinary designed cover. Its get up is very nice. At first, a magazine committee is formed in a general meeting for the publication of the magazine. The Headmaster of the school is the president of the committee. He inspires us to submit our writings. An English teacher is the adviser. The other members of the committee help him for the publication of the magazine. The magazine contains essays, articles, poems, feature, short stories, jokes, etc. both in English and Bengali. It also contains the message of the headmaster. Mainly students write for this magazine. Some teachers write also for it. All the students and the members of the committee do their best duties for the publication of the school magazine. It helps us [students] to know more about literature.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   4.                      Early Rising

                           Early rising is the habit of getting up early in the morning. Everybody should get up early in the morning to keep their body sound. This habit is useful to a man in various ways. First, the habit is good for health. The man who rises early finds time to take some exercise or a walk in the fresh morning air. The morning air refreshes both his body and mind. This certainly improves his health. Second, the habit gives him and opportunity to enjoy the beauties of nature. Enjoyment of the natural beauties sharpens his feelings and sense of beauty. This makes him wise. Third, the habit enables a man to begin his day’s work early. He gets a good start in everything than a...
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