Current Skill Gaps in the Hospitality Industry

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  • Published: April 28, 2012
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Current skill gaps in the Hospitality Industry

The main objectives of the assignment is directed towards determining impact of skill gaps on the UK hospitality industry and on the services provided by the entire industry. To be able to address this objective, the researcher would recognize the present recruitment strategies of the hotel, as literature shows that hospitality industry is having a lot of problems in their internal and external recruitment strategies. Also, the assignment shall discuss the skills requirement by the hospitality industry. The study shall also analyze the skill gaps and shortfalls and how these affect the performance of the hospitality industry. Similarly, it is important to discuss the current practices within the industry with regards to training and development which are supposed to contribute towards the enhancement employee skills and talents. The assignment shall also study the state of services provided within the industry in UK wherein customer satisfaction would be discussed and the researcher shall find out about the needs of the customers within the industry. The three main objectives of this assignment are as given below:

To investigate the current needs of hospitality industry in the United Kingdom

To analyze the current skill gaps and training requirement within hospitality industry.

To recommend suggestions for improving the existing or upcoming skills development issues within the industry.

Executive Summary

The assignment is related to the hospitality industry of United Kingdom which is a major contributor to the economy. The assignment shall analyze the current skill gaps and training requirement within the hospitality industry need to study and recommendations need to be made to improve this situation to improve their economic viability.

Introduction to the Hospitality Industry in UK

The Hospitality industry in the UK is among the broadest and varied industry with a variety of organizations within the sector, comprising of single person organizations to worldwide multinational companies. This industry is constantly growing and developing in the 21st century and encompasses hotels and other different accommodations, fast food retail, bars and catering. The entire industry has been characterized in the recent decades through development of a growing range of highly segment services and products. It is overlapping with tourism and leisure services, with a growing business services element; it is very competitive global industry (Rowley et al, 2003).

Hospitality is a primary force within the UK economy to create opportunities of jobs and growth by employing 1.8 million people in about 300,000 establishments and has a turnover more than £64 billion (BHA, 2010). Hospitality and tourism has become the world’s largest competitive sector. Hotel industry is the main core of UK’s leisure related service sector having big businesses with large growth potential. The industry also contributes to the country’s beautifulness as an international business destination (Lovegrove et al, 1994).

But, the other end of this picture is the truth which is not effectively being able to cope up with the changes posed by the requirement to enhance skills of the workers. The hotel industry continues to remain a low skill area of employment wherein skills are increasingly needed to adapt to changes within the technology, range of products and the social, legal and commercial environment (Rowley et al, 2003). Additionally, the sector has been always in the problem of suffering from chronicle deficiency of recruits having food presentation skills, wastage from sector of those having high vocational skills and qualifications which are needed. Similarly, there exists a widespread evidence of vacancies that are hard to fill. The country receives approximately 25 million overseas tourists annually, spends about £13 billion, however these numbers have been widely static for many...
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