Current Situation of Using Microblog Among College Students

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Research Report:

Current Situation of Using Microblog among College Students

Microblog is one of the most popular broadcast medium in form of short sentences, typically with no more than 140 Chinese characters. Besides, individual images or video links can also be posted within one note. Messages made up of these small elements offer more brief information. The rapid updating of information provides abundant daily news, from individuals to national organizations. And the topics range from the simple, such as “what I'm doing right now”, to the thematic, such as “2012 Olympic Game”. In order to analyze the current situation of using Microblog, our group conducted a survey among college students in our university and received 115 valid responses (27 boys and 88 girls). Our research focused on the following topics: why and how do college students use Microblog and what impacts on them. Among the 115 respondents, we find that almost 86% of them have used Microblog more than one year, only 9.57% less than half a year (see chart 2). This may ensure our findings, to a large extent, objective and reliable since the majority of them will know more about Microblog from a long period of usage.

The reason for having Microblog account is somewhat complicated. This topic can be roughly investigated from two perspectives. On one hand, the subjective reasons for college students using it can be directly shown from question NO. 3 (see chart 3). The top three reasons, by figures from high to low, are: acquiring massive information and latest news (53.91%), getting news about friends conveniently (40.87%) and using Microblog more flexibly at everywhere and anytime (34.78%). Due to peer pressure, nearly 30% of the respondents have to engage in the Microblog waves. In addition, some of them may like to follow the idols, so as to make them feel much closer to the stars they love. And this kind of star fans occupies almost 28%. On the other hand, thanks to the features of...
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