Current Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

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  • Published : January 9, 2011
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Running head: Current Personal Philosophy

Current Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management
Ali Mazza
Grand Canyon University: EDU450
December 13, 2010

Current Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

* How the teacher should act:
* Relatable: The teacher should be able to adapt too many personalities and situations in order to ensure the students feel safe and accepted. * Professional: The teacher should portray his or herself as the alpha of the classroom by maintaining a professional yet friendly attitude. * Affectionate: The teacher should show an appropriate amount of affection to each and every student. This can be done by understanding where the students are personally and academically and tailoring the learning to his or her needs. * Balanced: The teacher should have a balance of power and friendliness all in one to ensure the students receive the discipline they need while also getting the positive and nurturing environment also needed. * How students are expected to behave:

* Respectful: Students should portray respect for themselves, others and the school. * Consistent: Students should be consistent with their behavior in the sense of having the desire to learn. * Quiet: Students should remain quiet during learning times. * Prepared: Students should always come to class ready to learn. * What the classroom might look and feel like:

* Creative: The mind is forever working and learning; therefore, a student should be able to walk into a classroom with many opportunities to explore, such as learning stations or other classroom visual aids. * Welcoming: A classroom should be set up in a manner that is inviting and safe feeling for the students and any other visitors that may step in. This is the first step to setting the stage to learn. * Conducive to learning: All classrooms should look like a classroom; set up with learning tools and aids, strategic...
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