Current Market Strategy

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1. Market
(1) 背景 智能手机或平板电脑 -- 苹果与安卓的竞争 (2) 介绍市场上的产品及分类
(3) Purchase decision making
2. Brand
(1) 介绍苹果
(2) Current marketing strategy 你找的

3. Current brand strategy STP analysis / SWOT / 广告

4. 企业评价

5. 建议

随着科技进步的加快,新技术不断涌现,技术的寿命期趋于缩短,技术创新是企业营销创新的核心。 With the acceleration of technological progress, new technologies are emerging, technology tends to shorten the life of technical innovation is the core of marketing innovation.

With the development of technology, 人们的生活越来越智能化。 1. (3) The first stage is need recognition. Many electronics are things people want and not necessarily need, but many have become more than that. They have become needs.Through external stimuli, such as the popularity of Apple products among peers, their recommendations, the perceived superiority of the product, and the slick design wants and needs are created. After recognizing a need or want consumers willsearch for informationabout the product. There are many ways a consumer may search for information. The information search can be external, internal, or both. When thinking of buying an Apple product many consumers search for internal information, such as previous experience with the product. Apple consumers are very loyal. Many people upgrade their iPhones as soon as the next generation is out, because they have had a positive experience with the previous generation and are often anticipating the new features in the next generation as soon as they get the current one. The iPad 2 is already greatly anticipated. According to a few blog post I read and a Huffington Post story I read, there is already a man in Texas camping out to be the first to get the iPad 2! Consumers may also seek external information. This might be recommendations from friend. The external information may also be market-controlled. Apple is in the fortunate position of being a trusted company. Consumers will trust what Apple tells them. Apple communicates greatly with their customers with their keynotes. These keynotes make people feel well informed, like they really know the product. After getting information, the consumer is ready to make a decision, to help make that decision the consumer may evaluate alternatives. Apple is in the unique position of being an industry standard, particularly with their iProducts. That is to say, one wouldn't generally think, 'I'd like to buy an MP3 player,' but rather 'I want to buy an iPod,' alternatives are almost moot. Apple product are in a category of their own. Next in the process ispurchase. Luckily for Apple, people are purchasing A LOT of their products! At the iPad 2 keynote event Steve Jobs announced that about 100 million iPhones had been sold and about 15 million iPads!  Finally, when buying products consumers expect certain outcomes from the purchase. How well these expectations are met determines whether the consumer is satisfied or dissatisfied with the purchase. This is postpurchase behavior. By the man I mentioned earlier already waiting for the new iPad and the expected madness for the iPad 2, I would say consumers are pretty satisfied with their Apple purchases. In addition, because of the high demand for Apple products, iPads have greatly booster the recommence industry, which I will post about shortly. 2. (1) 图片

2. (2) 1. have not the first marketing campaign
Often the more unknown things coming, the more people will want desperately to know the truth. "Curiosity killed the cat," said that this human nature, good people and enterprises to take advantage of this crowd and watch the mind, can you also can do that using low-cost publicity. For example, singer Faye Wong, the singer has a number of days after the amazing and ultra-loyal fans, and not to please her fans, her proud and independent, and often makes the collapse of personality emerge remarks. But this is her character, attracting many loyal...
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