Current Jobs

Topics: Minimum wage, Unemployment, Wage Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Zach Stow
Professor Z
English 96-502
27 September 2011
“Current Job Trends”
We currently have a rapidly changing economy right now and we are going to be the new generation that is going to have to adapt. School seems to be one of the most important things to take into consideration if you want to land yourself in a secure spot. Millions of people are out of work and some have even stopped looking. For times are no longer how they used to be when people believed if you had a job you’re ok. This can no longer be the case because Job trends are shifting as a product of new technology and the globally expanding economy. First thing, the recession currently going on in America is majorly affecting the economy. One of the major problems happing here in America is that the new jobs that are being created are paying less than the jobs we’ve lost. In jobs growing slowly, wages falling fast, Robert Reich states “An analysis from the National Employment Law Project shows that the jobs creates since February 2010 (about 1.26 million) pay, on average, significantly lower wages than the 8.4 million jobs lost between January 2008 and February 2010” (43).This continues the downward spiral of our economy because we are not making up for our loses. We are losing significantly more jobs than we are making up for and furthermore the new jobs pay less. Another problem going on with the economy is that Millions of other private-sector workers have been fired and rehired as contract workers to do almost exactly what they were doing before, but now without any benefits or job security. “So if we want more jobs, they say, well need to take wage and benefit cuts” Robert Reich (43). Maybe this is way the unemployment rate is already up to 9% and that doesn’t account for the real unemployment rate which also accounts for the people who have stopped looking. Symbolic-analytic services make up 20% of the jobs here in America and are changing rapidly with the global...
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