Current Hr Trends

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Current HR Trends

Priyanka Gupta

Current Trends

Leadership development Creating a pipeline of leadership talent is key to a business’ future growth. It is imperative for the top level of an organization to make leadership talent management a priority, and put its money into long-term plans, as opposed to short-term ones. If companies are worried about their talent pipeline, they have to develop their people.

Work-life balance No company or employee has found the Holy Grail of balancing work and life, but that is a work in progress. However, multinationals, information technology (IT) and IT enabled services (ITeS) companies have been able to promote the balance between career, family and leisure-time better. Other sectors have also been increasingly promoting a work-life balance.

Inclusion and diversity With higher numbers of employers joining the workforce in India at a time when companies across the world have an ageing workforce on their rolls, conflicts are to be expected. Therefore, companies are investing both time and resources in ensuring that all age groups are comfortable working together.

Managing ‘solid citizens Organizations which neglect their solid citizens are doing this at their own peril, say experts. Unlike star performers who are potential leaders, and therefore more likely to move out of an organization faster, this group provides stability and bench strength to an organization. Experts say companies need to take a fresh look at solid citizens and invest time and resources in managing and developing this group.

To leapfrog ahead of competition in this world of uncertainty, organizations have introduced six- sigma practices. Six- sigma uses rigorous analytical tools with leadership from the top and develops a method for sustainable improvement. These practices improve organizational values and helps in creating defect free product or services at minimum cost. Human resource outsourcing is a...
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