Current Expenditures

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Current expenditure is an important wing of Government Budget, where Government allocate resources on general public service, defense, public and economic affairs, health and environment, housing, social & educational affairs etc. however Government’s major focusing areas remained the same over the past years i.e. general public service & defense in which foreign loan repayments and debt servicing are greatly been allocated in budget. Current expenditure side of the budget has been classified into different heads. In this section, four areas of current expenditure were selected based on their importance in terms of percentage of current expenditure allocated to each of the heads. These heads were also considered important in terms of their national strategic value in comparison with other heads in current expenditure. These major sections are as follows; * Current Expenditure

* Development Expenditure
* Expenditure On Revenue Account
* Expenditure On Capital Account

General public services| 2,968,895|
Defense affairs and services | 495215|
Economic affairs and services| 50308|
Education affairs and services| 39514|

Since each of the above head is further classified into more subheads, therefore same criteria was used to sort out some of the important subheads.


According to this graph General public service always stood highest with 70% among others in current expenditures. Defense affairs have also been allocated considerable share of current expenditures that is 22 %. Relative to them Economic affairs, Education affairs and public saftey have a negligible share which are 3%, 2%, ans 3% respectively.

On the basis of vertical & horizontal analysis of budgetary figures from 1999 to 2010-11, a comprehensive study has been made to find out the projections to meet & overcome the deficit and to make necessary amendments / revisions in the budget of current year 2010-11.
Classification| 2011-2012| 2012-2013|
General Public Service| 2,968,895| 3508180|
Defense Affairs and Services| 495215| 575018|
Public Order and Safety Affairs| 59609| 73295|
Economic Affairs| 50308| 37141|
Environment Protection| 557| 812|
Housing and Community Amenities| 1,602| 1742|
Health Affairs and Services| 2645| 2263|
Recreational, Culture and Religion| 4247| 4771|
Education Affairs and Services| 39514| 45004|
Social Protection| 1165| 890|
Total| 3623757| 4249116|

General public services expenditures are those that are spent for: * General administration such as general government stipulation fiscal affairs, foreign affairs and international commitments, electoral, audit, civil service and lawmaking functions; and * Public order and safety including various functions pertaining to law enforcement, maintenance of public order and safety and political administration.

Table - 16 "General Public Service"
Classification| 2011-2012| 2012-2013|
GENERAL PUBLIC SERVICE| 2,968,895| 3508180|
Executive & Legislatives Organs, Financial.......| 1,308,917| 1504605| Superannuation Allowance and Pension| 96,138| 114329| Servicing of Foreign Debt| 76,307| 81254|
Foreign Loan Repayments| 243,179| 342658|
Servicing of Domestic Debt| 714,671| 805384|
Others| 178,622| 190715|
Foreign Economic Aid| 88| 87|
Transfer Payments| 294,986| 369121|
General Services| 2,736| 3099|
Basic Research| 2,524| 2907|
R&D General Public Services| 6,059| 6934|
Administration of General Public Service| 1,390| 1247|
General Public Services(not defined elsewhere)| 43,278| 85842|

A defense affair is an important head of expenditures because...
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