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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Dasha Martinez
Global 4
Period 8
Current Events #7
The article, “Coalition Vows To Supply Syrian Opposition,” by The Associated Press [1] speaks of the developments that are happening in Syria concerning the Syrian Uprising (2011-ongoing), which is part of Arab Spring. Arab Spring was when a wave of independence movements against totalitarian governments in the Middle East began to break out across the Arabic states. Egypt is one of the few that has been liberated from its totalitarian rule from Honsi Mubarek, who was forced to step down by the Egyptian people, and their efforts towards supporting and/or taking part in demonstrations, protests, or attacks on/against the state's totalitarian rulers. The current dictator of Syria is President Bashar al-Assad. This article speaks about the recent new that a coalition of seventy partners, which includes the United States, has gotten involved in the Syrian Uprising by pledging to donate millions of dollars and communications equipment to the rebel groups in Syria who are opposing Assad's rule. This move by the U.S and other Western powers symbolizes the start of a new type of involvement in Syria, perhaps a more direct one. This move by these powers have caused many Syrian rebels and people observing all over the world to question whether diplomacy and/or sanction methods can truly end the Syrian regime's oppression of their people. This more direct shift of action by the Western and Arab allies of the Syrian rebels toward balancing the military balance in Syria is dangerous regionally because the crisis there is similar to a proxy conflict, which could possibly aggravate sectarian tensions. The Syrian rebel army is currently overmatched by the regime forces in terms of weapons. A summit meeting of “Friends Of The Syrian People,” met after a year of failed diplomacy efforts by the U.S and other nations. This meeting may soon end its program, along with a weak and troubles peace plan led by UN-Arab...
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