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Biology 101 Fall 2010: Dr. Smith

Current Event Assignments
The goal of the current event assignments is for you to become familiar with how applicable biology is to your daily life. You are required to turn in two current event summaries (15 pts. each), related to biology but on a topic of your interest. You will complete two current event assignments by finding and reading a recent news article (no earlier than the year 2010) from a journal, magazine, newspaper, or news website (ex.,,,,,,, etc.) You must turn in a copy of the article or a link to the direct website of the article if read online. Read the article and write (must be typed) a full 1 page paper (single spaced, 12 font, normal margins) including the following (label each section):

1. Summary of article: Using your own words summarize the key points (address the five W’s: what, where, when, who and why) of the article. Do not just copy from your article, this is plagiarism! 2. What biology topic does this article reference? Clearly state how your article is related to biology. What topic of biology is being covered? How does this information relate to what you have learned in class? 3. How does this article affect you personally? All events affect us in some way. Be creative and open your thoughts as to how current events are related to you (e.g. socially, ethically, emotionally, economically, etc.). 4. How will this current news affect future generations? Make a prediction about how lives will be affected 20 - 30 years from now by this current event.

Due dates are:
Current Events #1: Sep 20
Current Events #2: Dec 6
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