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Topics: DEET, West Nile virus, Mosquito Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Current Event 1

1. The Baffling Nexus of Climate Change and Health, September 6, 2012, New York Times

2. In the past 8 years, climate change and environmental/ecological shifts have begun to create a North American climate suitable to the development of rare tropic diseases, namely West Nile Virus. The virus, whose origins lie in Africa, is carried by mosquitos, which means that exposure to the disease is based tremendously on location, because of the large influence of climate change on the carriers. Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing public health, because it carries such an influence on "infectious disease, waterborne and airborne pathogens, air pollution, allergies, violent weather and extreme heat waves." Given the difficulty of connecting such disease with a certain trigger of cause, The Certain for Disease Control and Prevention have begun to lay out plans with states they believe have a increased chance of exposure. These plans address all public health risks that have a growing concern and they focus on adapting and trying to figure out other problems the climate changes could cause.

3. The vast increase of cases of West Nile virus in the last year, especially in North Carolina, is something that, when you first hear, shocks and scares you. When I first heard about the North Carolina outbreak, it was through a story about one of the friends of my Aunt and Uncle, who had recently passed away from his case, and that hit really close to home, because it made the likelihood of exposure such much more evident; it made this new threat seem so much more real. But, saying that, I was still fairly uneducated about the whole, so reading this article, while not comforting me, makes it seem like there are certain measures we can take to help decrease the chance of exposure.

4. When you hear about the rise of a new disease Americans tend to go prevention crazy. They buy anything and everything the are told could help, but this...
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