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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Week 1 Current Event

A Most Poisonous Campaign (original article)

This article was written by Dan Balz, a political author for the Washington Post. His target audience would be the American voting public, which means that, in writing the article, he attempts to cover occurrences in both the Republican and Democratic parties. In the article, the author states that the 2012 presidential campaign has been one of the most ruthless, all-or-nothing campaigns thus far. He points out actions of both candidates, Romney and Obama, that seem to indicate a genuine disrespect and disregard each candidate has for the opposing party. One such example is the malignant use of campaign ads. According to the author, while the campaign television ads have always attempted to encourage voters to choose a particular candidate, they have never gone as far as they have during this presidential race. The article states that both parties have used their campaign ads to not only take jabs at the other party, but also to blame each other for major problems. The Obama campaign has implicated Romney in the cancer death of the wife of Joe Soptic, who lost his job after a company that Bain Capital took over went bankrupt, following Romney's departure from Bain. Romney, on the other hand, has accused Obama of getting rid of the work requirement in the welfare reform act that was passed in 1996. I believe that the author made a valid point in his article, and that he backed up his statements with examples and facts, rather than with wild accusations. That alone gives the article more credibility. Those who have read or will read this article may come to learn something about their candidate and maybe even stop and thing about who they have chosen. Also, the article proves that there is no perfect candidate and that each side is just as desperate as the other to win this election. It could make one stop and realize that, with each passing election, the debate seems to get more and more...
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