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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Pd 06 Armstrong
AP Language & Composition
Current Event
In recent years, universities, especially Ivy League’s such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton, have failed to uplift to their job. Not only have they halted in educating its students, but it has put them in positions were they are forced into studies they are not even sure they have a desire in. Financing, in particular has taking its positions amongst a high percentage of students, pushing them toward Wall Street jobs, in which they depend on. Acting as a substitute for school, Wall Street lures students in by promising to give them the education that they did not receive in their universities. When searching for work, you should let it find you. Eventually, you should opt for work that you can see yourself enjoying and doing for multitudinous years until retirement. Unfortunately for some people they are forced into careers they do not have interest, but do it for the money, which is the case for Ivy League students. In the quote “Your work is to discover your worked and then with all your heart give yourself to it”, its first line mentions about discovering your work. Any work chosen should be the choice of the individual and not what they think society or the individuals want them to choose. The choice should be of work that the individual enjoys and can also reap financial benefit from it. Unlike the Ivy League students who enter into financing solely because of the financial benefits, they end up realizing that they only entered it because they “end up feeling so poorly prepared that they go to Wall Street because they’re not sure what other contribution they can make.” These students end up so confused about what type of work they would like to take on, that they become vulnerable targets for businesses such as Wall Street. However, students, “follow their tribe” and go with the work force that materialistically fits them.
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