Current Ethical Issues Paper

  • School: UOP
  • Course: XMGT/216
  • Professor: Dan Mitchell
Current Ethical Issues Paper
Brandy Stewart
Daniel Mitchell

The Virtual Organization that I have chosen to discuss is the Huffman Trucking Company. The Huffman Trucking Company’s mission is to be a profitable company that is capable of growth and able to adapt in an industry that is intensely competitive in a business environment. The vision of the Huffman Trucking Company is to become a model company to its dedicated employees, stockholders, stakeholders and its customers.

The Huffman Trucking Company is based in the United States and its customers are based in the United States as well of its primary customers being the United States government itself. Customers of the Huffman Trucking Company also include automotive parts suppliers and its manufacturers. The Huffman Trucking Company also transports electronic parts to its customers. They also transport raw materials for manufactures of plastic goods as well as many other materials.

The Huffman Trucking Company is a medium sized company and currently employs 925 drivers and 425 support personnel. Its facilities are located in Cleveland OH, Los Angeles CA, St. Louis MO and Bayonne NJ. The Huffman Trucking Company currently owns and operates 800 road tractors, 2,100 45 foot trailers and 260 “roll-on/roll-off’ units. Each piece of equipment undergoes safety maintenance every 25000 miles which ensures the safety of its drivers and the safe arrival of its customer’s precious cargo.

The Huffman Trucking Company is privately owned company which was founded by K. Huffman who was a native of, and born in Cleveland OH. K. Huffman founded the Huffman Trucking Company in 1936 with the use of a single tractor-trailer. The trucking company got its start during World War II, the company was able to grow quickly during this time. This growth was due to an increased need for shipping services in 1945 between the Midwest and the East coast. By 1945, the Huffman Trucking Company grew from a...
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