Current and Future Trends in Cee Logistics: Introduction

Topics: Eastern Europe, Europe, European Union Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Master Studies: International Business
International Logistics
Prof. Krzystof Rutkowski

How do you see the current and future role of Central-Eastern European countries and firms within global logistics systems?

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“With rising private consumption and fast-growing external and internal trade, the CEE region has displayed high potential for the sustained growth of the transportation and logistics market.” Praveen Ojha, Datamonitor

Globalization is a great power. Everything is moving nowadays: people, products, services, simply everything. Barriers such as borders, government restrictions and many others influencing businesses and trade all over the world. Economies of the countries are benefitting from this great move as well. Growth is rapid and results are incredible. CEE countries are a good example of such a progress. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union has changed the situation in the Central and Eastern Europe countries. The centrally planned economies fell and the transition to the market economy started. “Trade liberalization, economic restructuring, privatization, capital inflows, and the gradual adaptation of legal and administrative standards to market-oriented practices have improved economic structures dramatically.”(Rutkowski, 2009) With the enlargement of European Union the wave of restructuring and changes became even more dramatic. Thanks to the priceless positioning in-between old European members and Russia as well as other Asian countries CEE states started to perform the role of a bridge. Moreover there are several other factors influencing the development of logistics sector in those countries such as big foreign trade areas, strong, growing economies, relatively large domestic markets, huge increase in Foreign Direct Investment and many others. These elements make such countries as Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and other states as well as companies in the region...
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