Currency Conversion Design

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Currency Conversion Design
Appendix H

Currency Conversion Design Assignment—Hierarchy Chart

Complete a hierarchy chart for the application by typing into the textboxes below.

Associate Program Material
Appendix I

Currency Conversion Development Assignment—Flowcharts

Complete the flowcharts for the assignment by typing into the textboxes below.

Control Flow Diagram—Main Control

Control Flow Diagram—Display Menu

Control Flow Diagram—Get_Int_Value

Control Flow Diagram—Convert Currency

Control Flow Diagram—Display_Results


Main module
Declare Type as Integer
Declare 1 as String
Declare 2 as String
Declare 3 as String
Declare 4 as String
Declare 5 as String
Declare Amount as Float
Declare CDXRate as Float
Declare MPXRate as Float
Declare EPXRate as Float
Declare JYXRate as Float
Declare FFXRate as Float
Declare USD as Float
Declare ExchRate as Float
Call Display menu module
Call Get input module
Call Convert currency module
Call Display results module

Display menu module
Write “This program is used to convert currency from US Dollars to one of the following currencies.” Set Type = “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, or “5”
Set 1 = Canadian Dollars
Set 2 = Mexican Pesos
Set 3 = English Pounds
Set 4 = Japanese Yen
Set 5 = French Francs
Write “What nationality of currency do you want to convert today? 1 = Canadian Dollars, 2 = Mexican Pesos, 3 = English Pounds, 4 = Japanese Yen, 5 = French Francs”
Input Type = “1”. “2”, “3”, “4”, or “5” Until Response = “1”. “2”, “3”, “4”, or “5” End

Get_int_value module
Write “Enter US currency in dollars.”
Input USD
Until USD >0.01

Convert currency module
Set CDXRate = 1.4680
Set MPXRate = 9.5085
Set EPXRate = 1.6433
Set JPXRate = 104.9200
Set FFXRate = 6.2561
If (Type = 1)
Set ExchRate = CDXRate
Write “Enter US currency in dollars.”
Input USD
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