Currency and Western Union Online

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  • Published : July 18, 2013
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Terms and Conditions
Western Union® Terms and Conditions Western Union Money TransferSM Service Terms and Conditions WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFERSM SERVICE Our Responsibility to You Your Responsibility to Us Foreign Exchange Cancellation and Refunds Customer Service Registration Password and Security Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties Liability Intellectual Property Links to Other Web sites Entire Agreement Transfer Termination and Suspension Third Party Rights Severability Governing Law Data Protection Western Union Online Terms and Conditions (English law version) IF YOU ARE 18 OR OVER AND RESIDENT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, YOUR AGREEMENT WITH US WILL BE MADE ON THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY TO AND GOVERN YOUR ACCESS TO AND USE OF THE WESTERN UNION ONLINE WEBSITE AND THE SERVICES AVAILABLE ON THE WESTERN UNION ONLINE WEBSITE. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU ACCEPT THEM. THEY CONTAIN LIMITATIONS ON THE SCOPE OF OUR OBLIGATIONS TO YOU, AS WELL AS LIMITATIONS ON AND EXEMPTIONS FROM OUR LIABILITY TO YOU IN THE EVENT THAT YOU SUFFER LOSS AS A RESULT OF USING OUR SERVICES. WE HAVE HIGHLIGHTED IN BOLD THOSE PROVISIONS WHICH DO THIS. As used in our Terms and Conditions, the terms: (a) "bank card" refers to a Visa® or MasterCard® credit card or debit card issued by or through a UK bank or building society; (b) (c) "card issuer"refers to the issuer and owner of a bank card; "prohibited purpose"refers to any unlawful purpose; the purpose of making or receiving payment for gambling services, gambling chips or gambling credits; the purpose of making or receiving payment for banking or other financial services; or the purpose of sending a payment to yourself as the recipient; "recipient"refers to the person identified as the beneficiary of a money transfer (whether that money transfer is initiated by a sender using the Western Union Online Service or by a person

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using another Western Union money transmission service); (e) "sender"refers to the person who initiates the carrying out of a money transfer by using the Western Union Online Service; "transaction"refers to each money transfer that you initiate under, and each other use that you make of, the Western Union Online Service; "Western Union International", "we", "our" or "us" refers to Western Union International Limited, which is a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ireland and whose registered office is at Richview Office Park, Unit 9, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14, Ireland; and, in the provisions listed in clause 15 (other than clause 9.7) and in references to ""our negligence or fraud", includes any affiliate or agent of Western Union International Bank GmbH and Western Union International Limited when performing a task which would otherwise have to be performed by Western Union International Bank GmbH and Western Union International Limited in connection with its provision of the Western Union Online Service; "Western Union Online Service"refers to any or all of the services which are made available by us by means of the Western Union Online Site; "Western Union Online Site"or"site"refers to the Web site operated by us to provide online money transmission services and related information facilities; and "you"or "your"refers to any person who uses the Western Union Online Site or the Western Union Online Service , whether as a sender or as a recipient.






We may change our Terms and Conditions from time to time. We will notify you of any change to our Terms and Conditions by posting a clear and readily accessible notice of change on the Western Union Online Site. Our Terms and Conditions were last changed on June 1, 2010. No change which we may make will affect the terms on which you used the Western Union Online Site, or on which we provided the Western Union Online Service to you, before...
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