Curitiba Case Study World Cities

Topics: São Paulo, City, Urban area Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Curitiba case study Section B
World Cities- 4
25 Marks total

1a) The information shown of the bus system in Curitiba, Brazil, does support the description stated because it has large express lines coverage, which all converge at the CBD. This is sustainable because it makes it far more efficient for moving large numbers of people into the CBD for work. There is also large coverage on the local lines, which all also converge on the CBD. The ring roads around the CBD ease congestion and so reduce traffic, making it far more sustainable. b) The word ‘re-urbanisation’ means to move back into a city or urban environment, mainly by the young affluent which can create gentrification. There are 3 main processes, the in-movement of groups of individuals into older housing that was in a state of disrepair and the improvement of that housing, called gentrification. Secondly, in-movement by people as part of large-scale investment programmes aimed at urban regeneration in a wider social, economic and physical sense, called property-led regeneration schemes. Finally, the move towards more sustainable communities who live in the city centres to have access to home, a job and a reliable income, with a reasonable quality of life and opportunities and opportunities to maximise personal potential through education and health provision, and through participation in local democracies. One example of this is Notting Hill, London. Noting Hill is now a bustling urban area, but in the mid-19th century it was a small hamlet. Industrialisation brought workers in from the rural areas into the city for work. However, in the past 30 years, house prices have rocketed due to gentrification. This has led to many young affluent people, such as movie stars and singers to populate the area, and led to the process of re-urbanisation. c) The statement ‘urbanisation is an essential condition in allowing economic development of countries in the modern, globalised economy’ can be agreed with...
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