Curious Play

Topics: Adolescence, Pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 6 (1786 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The Curious Play

I. Introduction

Teenage Pregnancy is one of the big factors that continuously show our irresponsiveness as a Filipino. We tend to do this act for the reason of “curiosity”. The question is how we are going to cure the unstoppable word “curious”? Don’t they know that it wills to loss their freedom if they want to socializes and go out with their family and relatives? They can no longer just consider them and need to adjust lifestyle. Is it true that only curiosity drives us to commit sex? Or is it the fact that we are not morally healthy to avoid the said activity? Those are only the questions that are continuously playing on my mind. Questions that I cannot answer yet.

C. Thesis Statement

The specific purpose of the writers in this essay is to persuade others to help prevent teen pregnancy by letting them realize what the content implies to them. We all know that teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a young woman is facing on. We the writers are very sad for the reality that nowadays teenagers, most especially girls, are not capable to avoid premarital sex that results in teenage pregnancy. The practice of being conservative that we have for the past centuries is now decreasing. Liberation that gives us the freedom to do things that we like is also the reason that will remove our freedom in life. We are very motivated to this essay because for us, we are morally healthy which gives us the advantages to avoid this kind of teenage problem.

What a coincidence that we had a list of common feelings that goes with teenage pregnancy. Sadness, disappointment, and discouragement to be the said “Hope of the nation”. We only like to abstain them from sexual activity which is a great way to prevent teen pregnancy, and the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. And our only way to abstain them is to encourage them to fulfill their life, give them the best possible entertainment to avoid that problem, and lastly is to give them the idea and own perspective view regarding on the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy.

E. Readers Benefits

Reading this form of essay will help you to make your life better. Especially to us teenagers which is said to be the “Hope of the Nation”. You will be benefited by the content of this which includes the causes, effects and realities in life that will definitely gives you the good perspective to avoid that kind of practice. Rest assure that the context will help you solved your present problems regarding this matter. And it will help you a lot in building a new personality that will make you physically, socially, mentally and morally healthy.

You can also get answers to your miserable questions on your mind. It will also give you an idea of what curiosity is? How it will affect us from in having premarital sex and for other form of situations that is incorporated with curiosity.

II. Body

C. The effects of Teenage Pregnancy

1.Early Parental Responsibility and Lacking of plan for the Future

We all know that Teenage Pregnancy is directly leading on early parental responsibility in any person who is involved with that. It can be a big challenge on their part because they are too young for that responsibility. With that, failures and withdrawals are the most common result of it. Why? Because with that age, they are not yet familiar with the experiences that will help them for their future success. They will be having a difficulty on planning for their future plan because they are not really capable to handle those things which we all know is the truth. And with that, responsibilities are rendered by their parents.

2.Limited job opportunities

Also one of the effects of Teenage Pregnancy is having a hard time in finding and having a job because there are only limited job opportunities for those people because of the reality that most of them are not totally educated. And with that, they should...
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