Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- Time

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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In life your decisions and actions can be determined by you only or they can be influenced by one of the many people in your life. Like us, Christopher is influenced greatly by his mother who had left him, his father who is his only parental figure and his teacher Siobhan who has helped him overcome his fears. These 3 characters have influenced Christopher in both positive and negative ways. Mr.Boone, Christopher’s father would have to be one of the greatest influences on Christopher. Christopher’s father has always been there for him and has been his number one supporter from the start, never giving up on him though his condition may lead him to get a bit out of hand. His father has both negative and positive affects on Christopher. Though he does try to protect him, his efforts having good intentions can sometimes have negative reproductions. When trying to protect himself and Christopher from the pain of his mothers affair with Mr.Shears, Mr.Boone later drives Christopher away leading to distrust and a wedge in their relationship. Christopher had been use tot he fact that he no longer had a mother, but after finding the hidden letters that his father had been hiding from his mother things take a turn for the worst. When the issue becomes out in the open Mr.Boone also admits to killing wellington which makes Christopher believe that his father can no longer be trusted and that if he was able to kill wellington then he may also kill him. Since he now cannot trust his father any longer he decides to run away. Because of Mr.Boone’s actions he drives Christopher to overcome the limits of his condition, which does have a positive impact on Christopher. Also, Mr.Boone does support Christopher for many things, but when he does no support Christopher investigating Wellingtons death it causes him to rebel. He goes behind his fathers back and lies. This has negative impacts on both him and his father. In conclusion, it can be said that Mr.Boone, Christopher’s father does...
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