Curiosity Kills the Cat

Topics: Parent, Punishment, Law Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Curiosity Kills the Cat
While curiosity may not kill children, it can get them into some serious trouble with the older generation. Children have very few responsibilities outside of school and the athletic field, leaving them with good amounts of unstructured free time. Kids get themselves into trouble, it’s what their notorious for. Writing on the walls, bullying, taking a cookie before dinner, etc. “Oh, they're just being kids.” A parents job prepares their kids for the real world and the responsibilities that come with adulthood. The difficult of parenting comes with the task of disciplining their child when he or she does something wrong. Children, even after being told right from wrong, will still disobey and break the rules without a second thought. They know that they will get into trouble and yet they still do it. Children break the rules out of experimentation and curiosity and refrain from listening to their parents because they don’t believe them.

Children see adults as bad guys. They tell kids what to do and if they do it wrong, they punish them. The police enforce the laws that so many kids break for having what they call “fun.” Believe it or not, adults have made the same mistakes that their kids have made. Adults neglect to tell their children that because they fear their children will take it the wrong way. Despite most children’s beliefs, adults have the greatest tools for success. To succeed in life one must learn from experience and failure. The amount of experience and knowledge that adults hold overpowers children, but most don’t share their experience. They give kids only basic knowledge of the do’s and don’ts. Most of what they say has value in maturing their child, but in actuality the lack of information sparks the wildfire of their curiosity.

The word “child” provides a very broad term that has no set definition and describes ones level of maturity. Some people stay children mentally their entire life through mental...
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