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Curfews Turning Teens Into Crimnals

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Curfews Turning Teens Into Crimnals

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English 101
22 October 2012
Flappers Were More Than Nuisances:
“You’ve come a long way, baby.” Just like the Virginia Slims cigarette commercials and advertisements say, the modern woman of today has come a long way from her lifestyle in the 1920’s. Women have traveled a long way to prove themselves to society. Today women hold prestigious places in government, have the right to vote, have the opportunity to go to college and achieve a higher education leading to successful careers. Today, in the twenty first century, women do and say whatever and whenever they please without having a man by their sides. Without the 1920’s flapper changing society, women would not be able to live the lives they do today. Up until the 1920’s, appropriate attire for a woman would have been a corset waist dress covering the majority of her body leaving her lower arms and face for display. A woman would wear bland basic colors. Beginning in the 1920’s; the big, long, corset waist dresses were cast away and replaced by narrow dresses so tight that women could barely walk. Another dress type that became popular in the 1920’s was a short and low cut dress that is known today as a flapper dress. Women came to the conclusion that if they were going to change their attire why not change their makeup also? Bright, thick eye makeup and red lipstick became an everyday look for flappers. Most people would think that these changes would be enough to get a point across but not a woman from the 1920’s. One of the final looks that women changed in their appearance was their hairstyles. Women preferred to chop their hair off and style it in a way, known as a “Bob”, similar to a short man-like style. However women did not stop there, why not change their actions also? Women began drinking, cursing, and being seductive in public while not worrying about society’s thoughts. Women were tired of taking commands from men; it was time for women to take a stand and do what they had thought and dreamt...

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