Curfews: the Streets and Teens

Topics: The Streets, Crime, Night Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: May 26, 2013
In recent discussions on curfews for teens there has been conflict of whether having them will help them out of trouble. All over the U.S communities have been debating on enforcing teenage curfews for minors under the age of eighteen so they can keep minors safe and out of trouble at the same time. According to journalists name from the Gothamgazette “giving teens a curfew will keep anyone from under the age of eighteen off the streets and public places.” This helps keep vulnerable teens safe from any dangers on the street, especially those who are able to drive since they could have a higher chance of having and accident. By giving teens a reasonable curfew parents can build trust between them and their teens, by doing this teens will see that their parents trust them enough to be out at a certain time and back at a certain time limiting them to do only so much. And there is also no reason teens should be out later than midnight.

Although curfews may not completely keep teens out of trouble they can reduce the chance that trouble will be found. Teens will always find some way to find trouble, although not always intentional, in the day or night time. Teenage crime is a major and growing problem, often involving both drugs and violence. These type of activities occur mostly late into the night. Crime as small as shoplifting or big as vandalizing property can end up on their record, crimes among teens occur after twelve where more people have gone to sleep or are unwatchful of who is outside causing trouble, but if teens have a curfew of at least eleven to eleven thirty they won’t be able to commit crimes later at night.

Sixty three percent of teens drink and the number will only get higher, chances are they’re doing this during the night where they can have a cover, although they can still do it at school they also have a chance of getting caught there as well as in the streets by authorities. We need to stop this.
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