Curfew for Under Age 16 Years Old

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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The mayor of your city is trying to decide if a 7:00 p.m. curfew for those under age 16 is needed. What do you think? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Youth curfews are widely used in the USA to keep children off the street at late. How many people you know, who go outside after 7 pm? A lot of people go outside after 7 pm. The curfew is a great law for under age 16 years old children. A 7 pm curfew is a wonderful idea. The main reason of curfews is usually lowering the crime percent. Curfews also have an important role in the protection of vulnerable children. Youth crime is a major and growing problem, often involving both drugs and violence. Youth curfews can help to solve these problems, as they keep young people off the street, and therefore out of trouble, and prevent them from congregating in the hours of darkness. Also those curfews were aimed stopping gangs causing trouble. Child’s would be responsible for time, and they will do things on time. The use of child curfews can help to protect vulnerable children. Although all parents are not responsible and inevitably their children suffer, in accidents, and are likely to fall into bad habits. Society should ensure that such neglected children are returned home safely and that their parents are made to face up to their responsibilities. Some people may argue that, freedom for children, children may have a reason. The curfew will make the children feel neglected and this may cause them to rebel. Many will have part-time jobs, for example in fast-food restaurants or delivering newspapers. Others will wish to participate in activities such as church groups, youth clubs or school trip. However, curfew is not good for a country, but if the 7 pm curfew is just for under age 16 years children then its good. It helps child in their future life. They would be more responsible. They would know the value of time.
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