Curfew Essay

Topics: Human rights, Adolescence, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Curfew Essay
How would you feel to be taken captive by the time? To me, a curfew would be the same as locking me behind bars. A curfew is not necessary for teens and should not be allowed. A curfew would cost too much extra money to enforce, would take away our personal freedom liberties, and the curfew will restrict a teen from doing nightly activities either alone or at all.

First of all, the money used for enforcing this law should be used for something else. With the payment of the workers to electricity used to light the holding cells for these kids would not make any sense to do. For instance if they were to use this extra money, the city should use it for something more beneficial to the city such as a park or a historical monument. And it would cost some money will the bill was being passed because of all of the meetings of committees and representatives for discussion.

To continue, having a citywide curfew would take away our inalienable rights which are “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” which are all listed in the constitution; this curfew would break the rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Liberty would be restrained, because if a teenager were to want to go out somewhere, there only ability to do so would be through an adult and liberty is freedom (which in this case would be from the parents). The “pursuit of happiness” on a teenager’s part would be removed as well. In example, if someone under the age of sixteen has a club meeting and the club gives them a sense of joy, that feeling would be discarded and the teenager could become relentless towards other people because they have not been able to pursue their own happiness.

Finally, this curfew will deny a teen’s ability to have nightly activities. With this, a juvenile would not be able to have a night job that runs past eight o’ clock without their parent. This could majorly impact those who are already in a financial situation and then still can’t make ends meet....
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