Curfew Change

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Curfew For Teens
It is a friday night and it is the last home football Game. It is 9:45 with fifteen minutes left in the game. What would you do watch the game or be home by curfew. The city council is wanting to make the curfew at ten p.m. on weekdays and midnight on the weekends. This curfew change is not the thing we need right now. The curfew time will limit what hours a kid can work or do school activities. Teenagers with this curfew does not stop the rebelliousness, the rebelliousness will lead to the kid getting into trouble and eventually breaking the law. The city council should not make the curfew where it is illegal for teenagers to be out on streets after 10 p.m. on weekdays and after midnight on the weekends.

First of all curfews affect the teenagers hours they can work, to meet the hours they need per week. When teenagers have school they have to work at least 18 hours per week, and on non-school weeks they have to work forty hours per week, (United States Department of Labor). With those crazy hour some kids have to stay at work till at least ten to ten-thirty every night, and thats already past the curfew. With the cut back on the curfew hours teenagers are limited to the hours they can work. One of the other reason curfews are bad is because students have is school activities, such as home sporting events and practice. Teenagers do not want to miss part of the game because of some cut back on the curfew time. Think of the players, the games are over at ten, but they still have to change and the couches like to talk about the game. By that time its probably already 10:30p.m. and they still have not left the school. Curfews limit the time teenagers can work, and the school events they can go to.

Second of all curfews do not stop the rebelliousness of the teenager. It does not stop them from doing what they want. According to the article Curfew kills, “Teenagers in general are cause trouble and act out so enforcing the curfew will make teens...
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