Cure for Aids

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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The Catholic church is right: the condom is no cure for Aids in Africa

Today, everybody in developed world has heard (at least once) about HIV/Aids as the virus is spread all over the world. And as it is global, the fact that people in poorer countries are more likely to suffer from HIV/Aids may appear quite logical because the technology and/or medicine is less advanced in those countries. It might seem rather paradoxical, however, an absence of technological/medical opportunities can not be the major cause of the disease as, from the author's point of view, people – their sexual behaviour, to be more exact – certainly contribute to an issue which we should find a solution for. Being a Catholic himself, Giuseppe Caramazza – the author of an article – has got a fairly radical opinion on a question about the right cure for Aids in Africa. He strongly believes that the popularization of condom does not work in Africa as it does in Europe or Latin America as the use of it simply invites people – and especially the young – to be careless and not to think about plausible consequences of leading irresponsible sexual lives e.g. having numerous sexual contacts. The author also tries to mention that there is nothing particularly wrong with the Catholic Church's no-condom policy because eventually it leads to abstention and faithfulness in relationships between men and women and that, author believes, is the right solution to a problem. Interestingly, the evidence suggests the same: according to UNAids, after a two-decade campaign emphasizing on the importance of abstinence and faithfulness, the rates of the adult population infected by the HIV virus have become the lowest compared to other African countries, with only 7% of infected (for instance, in Botswana it is 24% whilst in South Africa the rates are around 18%). If one believes that “condoms can protect Africans from Aids” and still wants to blame the church for its policies, Giuseppe has a...
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