Curatorial Assignment

Topics: Fluxus, Art, Contemporary art Pages: 6 (2114 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Jon C. Davis

Curatorial Assignment #1

The theme for my gallery exhibition will be fluxus. The art movement/ theme "fluxus" originated in the 1960's. Similar to the theme "art and the quotidian object", which means art of the everyday (found) object(s). Fluxus loosely translates to flow or change in many different languages. In comparison, Fluxus has many similarities with Marcel Duchamp's "dada" art movement from the 1920's. While dada is more of a world view, fluxus, on the other hand, is more of a state of mind/ attitude that represents anti-art (anti commercialism) and follows in dada's footsteps. Fluxus also meshed well with the ongoing and/or perpetuating rebellious attitudes of the sixties and seventies. Fluxus went against everything that modernism stood for at the time, but mainly against the overall seriousness of modern art. Fluxus art usually always consists of different media types, including performances, videos, recordings, texts, everyday (found) objects, and unscripted audience participation. Many of these are done/ shown in a random fashion and are frequently used in combination with each other. Another important characteristic is the minimal nature of fluxus. Works are simple, performances were kept brief, the art was small, and texts short. An important element in fluxus has always been humor as well. Fluxus art also encourages a sort of eco/ environmentally friendly ethic to the world because most fluxus artists will use whatever materials they have on hand to create their art with. Although the theme of this exhibition "fluxus" has much in common with dada and art & the quotidian object, it's of curatorial interest because most of the different forms or art created in this genre are not generated particularly and/or solely for monetary gain. At least that is usually not the case for most of the performance pieces, videos, recordings, etc. In my opinion, this makes for the most purest form or art because the artist is creating these art forms for all the right reasons, none of which is to dominate the art market and become the most highest grossing kitsch artist that is remembered for those reasons. That is not what art should be about and that should not be any artist's main motivation(s), as it does nothing for the art world in general and reflects poorly on the ethics of the art-business world. Art should be made for the sake of making art for one's enjoyment and possibly to represent a certain theme and/or message to the viewer that can only be inferred through that particular medium of artwork. Then and only then, should the artist's entrepreneurial true colors come into play. Working in a factory where an artist employs other multiple workers to create his/her actual hands-on art in mass quantities for deliberate ridiculous profits so the artist can attain notoriety/ fame, is completely the opposite of what fluxus artwork stands for. This exhibition theme is of importance because its reminds the public, who may or may not be totally accustomed to post-modern and contemporary artists at this point, that art still needs to be questioned, art viewers need to be reminded of earlier movements like dada so that we all don't become too complacent in galleries, and so we are all not pigeon-holed into having the same preference for art work in the future (no matter what the trends lead us to believe). Fluxus art may not be as prevalent today as it was in the 1960's, so bringing it back may benefit some up and coming art students who want to better understand anti art and to impregnate them with simplistic ideals versus over thinking complex art assignments. The positive social and communitarian aspirations of fluxus reflect well on the art world in comparison to some other art themes (e.g., art and popular culture, abstract art, and art & deformation). Although, everyone has their own opinion on art and every type of art can serve some purpose to someone or something. It can also be said...
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