Culural Differences

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Cultural Difference and Identity Formation

Fall 2012 / 1400 Ad to Present/WCIV 10200 5 EF

October 29, 2012

In a Aztec account of the conquest of Mexico it is very clear that Hernan Cortés’s way of Empire building and culture conquest in my opinion was by deceiving Montezuma. He had Montezuma believing he had come in peace although his entrance said otherwise. His style emphasized Military traditions along with the accompanying courage of his warriors. Based on “The Florentine Codex” an excerpt from Victors and Vanquished It is clear that they were all dressed and equipped for war the second they stepped foot on Mexico. “They girded themselves, trying their battle gear lightly on themselves and then on their horses. Then they arranged themselves in rows, files, ranks. Four horsemen came ahead, going first, staying ahead, and leading. They kept turning about as they went. Facing people, looking this way and that, looking sideways, gazing in between the houses and examing things and looking up at the roofs. The second contingent and file were horses carrying people, each with his cotton cuirass, his leather shield, his iron lance, and his iron sword hanging down the horse’s neck. The third file were those with iron crossbows, the crossbowmen. As they came, the iron crossbows lay in their arms. They came along testing them, brandishing them. The fourth file were like horsemen, their outfits were the same as has been said. The fifth group were those with harquebuses, the harquebusiers, shouldering their harquebuses; some held them at level. And when they went into the great palace, the residence of the ruler, they repeatedly shot off their harquebuses. And last, bringing up the rear went the war leader (Cortés).” When he was approached by Montezuma, Montezuma said a few kind words and according to Sahagún's manuscript, Montezuma personally dressed Cortés with flowers from his own gardens, the...
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