Cultures of Chimpanzees

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The Cultures of Chimpanzees
In the article “The Culture of Chimpanzees” by Andrew Whiten and Christophe Boesch, they reflect on their thoughts of the culture of chimpanzees and how they resemble mankind in its earliest stages. they also states how people have no idea how much we have learned about chimpanzees in the last 2 decades, which might come to an end with all the destruction of forests we commit. Which are true statements in today’s world, I used to think that the only thing interesting about chimps was that they are our closest ancestors on the earth, but there’s so much more to them then just that. For the reason that people don’t truly understand chimpanzees is why they don’t think they are important and lose interest in protecting them, when their culture itself is fascinating. Overall Andrew Whiten and Christophe Boesch do a good job expressing the many aspects of the chimpanzee’s culture and how over time they can develop even more.

After stating his main point Andrew Whiten and Christophe Boesch explains how chimpanzees have been able to develop over time and adapt to make living simpler. Scientists have observed chimpanzee’s wielding wooden hammers in order to obtain the nutrients inside coula nuts. The simple fact that chimpanzee’s adapt in order to survive by making tools and improving on those tools is a trait biologists consider to be chimpanzee culture, which its complexity is only secondary to humans. Andrew Whiten and Christophe Boesch go in great depth about chimpanzees have culture really giving the readers a feeling for how chimps have progressed from their ancestors. They have also referenced how many have documented a multitude of distinct cultural patterns in different regions of the world. With such a vast culture it is now able to even tell where a chimpanzee is from based on its cultural tendencies, many chimpanzees have entirely different behavior patterns while others are only slightly different like if an individual...
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