Cultures in the East and West

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Cultures in the East and West
Many people know that in our civilization in Eastern and Western cultures are very important. They have dominated human civilization for thousands of years. Eastern culture is mainly the Chinese culture, and western culture is European and American culture. Chinese culture and American cultures are representative of eastern and western culture. Both cultures are only similar on being respectful to elders. However, they have great differences in regarding and concerning. The only similarity between Chinese and American cultures is being respectful to elders. Whether in families or society, both Chinese and American are respectful to elders. For example, if an older person is talking a lecture, most of the people will keep quiet and pay attention to what the older person says, even if what they say is boring. If someone wasn’t respect to elders, others will undesirable him. Respect is an important element for both countries. Our first image will be affected by others. Another example is, both the American and Chinese people would give a seat to the elder people wherever they are, just like on buses and in restaurant. These are the examples we could see in our life. On the other hand, the differences between Chinese and American attitudes about family are enormous. Here are two examples. The first example is family that people can't ignore it. In Chinese culture, people like to have big families. Sometime a big family can have more than a thousand years of history and hundreds or thousands of people in the family. In American culture, people used to having small families. They usually maintain the family relationships only in three or four generations. Also, American families want their children to become independent from the family after they grow up and finish their studies, whereas Chinese families usually don’t. Chinese children must become independent from the family only when they get married. However some elders want to live...
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