Culture Web Case Study- National Express

Topics: National Express Group, National Express Coaches, Travel London Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Culture is something that influences how work gets done, critically affects project success or failure, says who fits in and who doesn't, and determines the overall mood of the company. The McKinsey organization defined culture is "how we do things around here". Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes developed a approach to help us look at the culture in 1992, it is called The Cultural Web. The theory divided company culture to 6 aspects to evaluation. Such approaches can play a key role in formulating strategy or planning change. Today, I will use the culture web to analysis National express. STORIES:national express built in 1974, it is a multinational public transport company. Currently, national Express Group is the largest operator of scheduled coach services in the UK and a leading transport provider in the UK, North America and Spain. Every year more than 650 million journeys are made on National express’s bus, coach, rail and tram services. With the unprecedented disruption in bank markets, National Express has suffered a significant adverse rerating of its equity in 2008, now a new leadership team has turned the business around.

SYMBOLS : The National express's name and logo in the minds of the British have a very high awareness. the figure from The Guardian shows that approximately 70% British can recognize the Red and blue LOGO. RITUALS AND ROUTINES:National express is committed to making the customer journey safer and more comfortable and convenient, they want their customers to have access to the newest, most flexible and cost effective technology. for example, they have e-tickets and m-tickets, where the ticket can be sent simply as a text message to a mobile phone.(annual report,2011) ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURES:mixed geographic structure and product structure. Limitation and recommendation:

CONTROL SYSTEMS:In this section, national express has got the margin control, safety control and time control. Such as the Driving Out Harm Program, which aims to...
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