Culture War in the Us

Topics: Morality, Politics, Activism Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Culture War

Government and Politics is an ideal that shapes and influences many different aspects of an individual and/or the nation, however, Government and Politics itself can be shaped by another general idea that identifies nations around the globe, which is culture. Culture is no doubt, an important fundamental topic that should be understood and used as an advantage to satisfy many different groups in a country. However, it may also lead to a country’s own downfall or unfortunate event. Thus, for as long Government and Politics existed in US History, an enduring culture war has also co-existed. Culture wars extends its meaning far beyond the economic disputes, foreign policy, and business regulations, but it goes into an individual’s personal belief and public morality.

America has always been going through constant polarization from it’s own civil groups. From this, many may assume that there are divisions within the population. Generally, it would range from the Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, the orthodox and the progressive. The ideas of all opposing group creates much friction upon beliefs. There is always two set sides in every major argument ( with some exceptions of neutral or other), which unfortunately never solves problems in most cases. In the article “ How Divided Are We?” by James Q. Wilson he raises a topic question “is wrong with having well-defined parties arguing vigorously about the issues matter? Is it possible that polarized politics is a good thing, encouraging sharp debate and clear position?” . Polarization becomes very intense in the US, to the point where it indicates a long passive culture war. As a result , instead of debates being resolved, “Polarization is a force that can defeat us.” This foreshadows that culture war may never be resolved, but only discourage and set more oil within the fire.

In the US, there are two types of groups that are well responsible of raising many debatable topics of...
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