Culture Vulture

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Culture vulture

Dystopia is a virtual imagined realm, shows the opposite of utopia (considered to be an ideally perfect place), and an extreme final social form. On the surface of such a society which is peaceful, but are inundated with all kinds of drawbacks which can not be controlled, such as class conflict, lack of resources, crime, persecution, etc., depicts a desperate future. Dystopian society described in some works, the material civilization is flooding and higher than the spiritual civilization, substances control psychological dependence, and there is no real freedom for the human spirit in a highly developed technological society.

This type of stories are usually superficially described the proliferation of human science and technology to improve the level of human life, but essentially covered spiritual emptiness. People are imprisoned in the steel cage that made by themselves, dark and cold, mental depression. In this state of survival, substance wasted spread of moral decay, democracy oppressed (or alternative methods to create "democracy"), and the class system of rampant suicide trend rampage.

Stories are expressed through a number of variables, such as artificial intelligence betrayal of the human, "savages" into the cultural world, so the protagonist understand that to human civilization in the high-tech cage rigid, corrupt, and lead their own doom, and the protagonist again from which to make a selection of self.

Aldous Huxley’s novel BRAVE NEW WORLD is the quintessential example, an imaginary place in which life conditions are made extremely bad through such tactics as deprivation, terror, or fear. While the society depicted in Brave New World gives the appearance of utopian perfection and order, its citizens are brainwashed into believing all is perfect when in fact it is not. This society's manipulation of knowledge in this regard...
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