Culture Shock: Personal View

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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I read the section about culture shock. According to Ferris and Stein “Peter Berger describes want kind of a person becomes a sociologist: someone with a passionate interest in the world of human affairs, someone who is intense, curious, and daring in the pursuit of knowledge.”(12) This area of the book helps us endure a sense of sociological perspective. When thrown into unfamiliar environments/cultures as humans, we tend to become uncomfortable but learn to adapt. It helps to just sit back and take it all in. Things are foreign to us no matter if you are off on a deserted island or just in a different part of the city you are from. It’s time to let natural curiosity takeover. This is when one can really have a true understanding of what’s all around us. As an example, this section shares a story of a man named Lextrait, who moved to a remote island in 1992 and stayed for close to a decade. Only bringing limited food and supplies, and then lived off the land after just a few years. He had little to no contact with anyone except for the company of his dogs. Within the time spent away technology had expanded drastically. Lextrat experienced dramatic culture shock when returning back to civilization. Learning for the first time about the existence of cell phones blew his mind. This instance illustrates just one of many different examples of culture shock. This section of the text struck my interested for the simple reason of how individuals react when put into unfamiliar circumstances and environments. The question is why individuals are so easy to judge? Why not take the time to understand the way people or communities do things? It’s unfortunate to see so many people not able or not willing to enjoy the luxury of experiencing what the world, and it’s cultures has to offer. Especially, when in all reality we essentially all want the same times out of life. Each culture may have their own way of structuring their way to production of living. As...
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