Culture Shock

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Intelligence Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: June 27, 2011
I don’t think that learning another language will enrich one’s culture. Learning another language will effect one’s culture. That mean we have both advantages and disadvantages for our culture while we learn another language. The learner is the “key” who could make our culture becomes enriched or not by the way they learn and use new language. To make it easier to understand, we can consider to a group that learns foreign language most – teenager and student. In Vietnamese, more and more people learn foreign language, specially English, and some of them use it randomly. I saw a group of teens went onto the bus and talk English together, and I heard that they were cheating at people on that bus as if no one could understand what they said (about how stupid the hat that woman wear, the trouser of this boy…). Another time, as I can remember, at Lotteria, I saw a group of teens, they were so young (about grade 6 or 7) they wear uniform of secondary high school, they use English and talk about the sex… while eating. Of course, they did not talk fluency but everyone can heard and understand. I saw that there were 2 foreigners eating too. That made people around them felt uncomfortable and had bad impressions. That story show that learning another language is a good trend for the young people, but the way we absorb and use them is the most important. Although we are young, we are active and creative, but remember that we are Vietnamese, we are in Vietnamese culture and Asian culture. How beautiful of Vietnamese culture that we lost! I still remember what a Canadian said on a magazine when he decided to marry a Vietnamese lady “Vietnamese woman is pretty, secretive and they come from a beautiful culture that Western woman don’t have.” So, learning another language will not enrich one’s culture exactly in my opinion. 3. Comment about the clip:

That is a funny clip. Beside, the author gives us a little story of “culture shock”. The microwave during a voyage from America...
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