Culture Shock

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  • Published : January 23, 2011
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Nowadays, many people visit other countries to travel, study, or have a business. Therefore, people feel cultural difference more often than decades ago. Sometimes, cultural differences cause cultural shocks when the particular situation is not familiar in his or her mother country. Cultural difference may occur between countries but cultural shock occurs between different cultural area such as oriental and western culture. That is the reason why international students and settlers from other cultural area feel uncomfortable. Moreover, this uncomfortable feelings caused by cultural shock is the reason of several health problems of international students. If they are not adapted to another country, they can get these problems. There are several ways to overcome the barrier of the culture. This essay will acknowledge you about the definition of cultural shock and the ways to prevent and overcome the cultural shock. Sometimes, visiting other country makes people exhausted because of the cultural difference. The definition of cultural shock is the shock that people get when they have been through the strange situation caused by cultural difference. Cultural shock also includes that all differences that people can recon and feel uncomfortable such as food, cleanliness, and people’s attitude (Jacobs n.d.). Human stability usually depends on the stability of daily life pattern and cultural differences make it unstable. In addition, the symptoms of culture shock are that people from overseas may have a feeling of sadness and insecure, concern of their health which is not critical at the moment and insomnia (Schimidt n.d). However, the cultural shock may be the refreshment for traveler but it is one of the difficulties for settlers and international students. Therefore, culture shock may cause psychological and physical health problems as well. Psychological health problem is usually the main reason that causes the physical health problem like chain reaction. According to...
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