Culture Shock

Topics: Psychology, Culture, Human rights Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Hello every one,
Calgary is very different from my City in many ways. In Calgary I saw people from other countries with different cultures, background and behaviors. The most interesting thing that I faced to it in Calgary is respect. Everybody respect others and obey the rules. Women's rights are equal or more than men's rights. Pedestrians right is also upper than car’s rights. Something that ignore in my country, I can see the opposite here! These things maybe was a culture shock for me, but they weren’t put pressure on me or effect on my emotional behaviors. Just I faced them and know about them. I didn’t experience any difficulties to adopt myself here because the most important issues of someone who came to a new country is the job and my husband could find a good job after 3 months and I was not worry about financial issues. Moreover, I participated in English classes and tried to learn the new things like stores, restaurants and transportations. Maybe the cold weather in winter was something that I had to adopt myself but it was not a big deal with the use of technology in modern country. I have some suggestion for new comers for dealing with culture shock. Before traveling, educate yourself about new country’s cultures, places and everything from internet. When you come to a new country, try to meet people specially people from your country and signing up for a language courses and join the teams, clubs and communities . Keep in touch with immigrant services and make your resume under their supervision and applied for the job. Travel around the area and visit the interesting places in a new city. Remember to keep a position attitude and be open mind to adopt yourself quickly to your new city.

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