Culture Shock

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Most of students want to study abroad, but because of the disparate culture, the culture shock increased in student behavior. The purpose of this report is to discuss the four stages of culture shock (Brick, 1991). We wrote the questionnaire about culture shock to ask the international student at Middlesex University and analysis based on this data. The information will be considered to explain the four stages.

* Introduction
Leaving home and travel to study in a new country can be a stressful experience. Because Culture shock for many international students is difficult. Students come from different countries with various cultural backgrounds and languages. Therefore, they adapt to the new culture in different ways. The questionnaire shows that this year international students in Middlesex University came with excited when they first arrived in London. Most of students just not adapt to the weather here. After a period of familiarity, at the result of the survey is not difficult to see the majority of student will slowly adapt to the British culture.

* Methodology
Our group consists of four members, namely Yara, Nima, Ann and Bo .In the stage of the questionnaire we met and discussed the report and the nature of information required. To produce results, the questionnaire consists of 10 questions about what the students think about the UK’s life style and culture. There were 60 participants who are from different countries and in different ages, and genders.

* Finding

60 international students were involved in this research on Thursday 5th December 2012. After this research we can achieve some findings as followed: The total sample used for analysis includes 60 international students from Middlesex University. In addition, they are all from Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Korea and so on. Of the sample, 62% were males and 38% were females. (1.1) Of the four categories of the age group, the majority of the respondents...
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