Culture of Kazakhstan

Topics: Kazakhs, Culture, Nomad Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: November 20, 2012
"Culture is a process for identity of living creatures and cultural evolution raises the identity of society, benefit goes to its individuals. Culture is the domain of human activity associated with self-expression of a person, a manifestation of his subjectivity. That's why every culture has additional features, as related to both the `creative person, and everyday practice, communication, reflection, generalization, and his daily life" (Religious Studies:Textbook / Ed. MM Shakhanovich. - St. Petersburg. Peter, 2006). "On our planet, there are so many different countries with their own traditions, customs and culture, The relationship between these cultures and people rather strained, so there are national characteristics, specific to each nation. Actually, it’s not a secret that, traditions that are normal for Europeans, is totally unacceptable for Asian people. After the failure of etiquette, tradition and cultural heritage of the country, can lead to various conflicts. The uniquences of individual nation, lies precisely in its cultural characteristics that are unique to him." ( Every culture 2011) "Kazakh ethnic group, held a long period of formation, in which participated many tribes and nations, has an important place in the history of Eurasia, and one of the oldest ethnic groups. It is the successor to the cultural heritage of all nations who took part in its formation, so that the Kazakh people - one of the richest nations in cultural terms. Kazakh culture until the twentieth century was a nomadic". (Every culture 2011) According to the Kazakh traditions, guests are treated to the Kazakh national cuisine for dastarkhan (dinner table) in yurt. Yurt, adapted to nomadic life and a very effective tool in the process of nomadic meets all the requirements of the nomadic lifestyle can be easily disassembled and quickly installed a new location. Kazakhs have a lot of different traditional events, like Nauryz, or Spring Festival, Shildehana and so on. Nauryz...
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