Culture of Bangladesh

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Culture of Bangladesh

Bangladesh might be known as one of the poorest countries in the world but this country is also one of culture and traditions. Most people know that the Bangladesh poverty rate is one of the highest in the world and yet although many visitors would expects to see only poverty in this country the truth is that there is much more to Bangladesh than it may seem. Not only for those who care Bangladesh is still a developing nation but it is also a country that managed to combine the past rich in traditions and its own culture with the present, a world in which globalization is everywhere and everything. Read more about the Bangladesh culture and something else than the economy of Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh culture is rich and it is thought to be so thanks to the long and troubled history of the country. There is much to learn about the literature, entertainment and cuisine in this country and here you can read about these. It is said that the earliest piece of literature produced in Bangladesh was written in the 8th century and the main language used to pass on the culture and traditions through literature is Bengali. Experts claim that the Bangladesh literature was able to reach its full potential in the 19th century after surpassing a period in which it was dominated by religious literature or ‘imported’ literature, meaning literature simply translated from other languages.

Entertainment also plays an important role in the Bangladesh culture. The music involves mostly lyrics and little instrumental accompaniment, especially if one talks about the traditional music. Some traditional musical instruments include the ektara, dotara, dhol, flute and table. When it comes to movies, it is estimated that the country produces about 80 movies in a year, of which the mainstream Hindi movies tend to be the most acclaimed and popular among the different categories of viewers, in the country and outside its borders.
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