Culture Observation

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Culture Observation Assignment
For this assignment, you’ll observe the cultural landscape of one part of our community. You can choose a location that represents popular culture (e.g., a mall, the campus bookstore, a coffee shop, a park, a street intersection) or folk culture (e.g., a folk art festival, a street market, a musical performance). You’ll need to use all five of your senses to study a particular place/event and report on your observations. Objectives

First, prepare a plan of your objectives.
Where will you be going?
What are you planning to observe?
How will you record your observations?

Write this plan down to give your investigation more focus.
Go to the location you’ve selected for your observation and spend some time there. Your report should include detailed observations of the site and situation characteristics of your location, so take careful notes. Find a good place to make your observations and stay for at least one hour. Take notes on what you’ve decided to observe. You may also change your mind about what is most important to observe. Attach your observation notes to end of your assignment.

Present the results of your observations. Depending on what and how you chose to observe some element(s) of culture, you might arrange your results in a table, or you might summarize your observations in several paragraphs. Discussion

Now write about 500 words (2pages double spaced 12 pica, new times roman font) discussing what you observed. Make sure to relate your observations to key concepts in Chapter 4 and earlier chapters.

Your final paper should have the following sections: Objective, Results, Discussion, and your observation notes attached after your bibliography.
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