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Topics: India, Nepal, Music Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 10, 2013
International Event
Nepal Night 2013
The energy flowed in the Atwood Ball room as guests celebrated the Nepali culture. The lights went dim and then the pleasant Nepalese musical beats echoed throughout the ballroom. The participants and guests were dressed in colorful traditional outfits; the audience slowly travelled to Nepal though the performers’ songs and dances. The event’s theme was Sanskar which means traditional values and morals and the, decoration as well as the performances were based on the theme. The Nepalese Student Association presented the Nepali Cultural Night on March 23 which was a Saturday night. The event started at about 0545 p.m. and went on till 09:00 PM. The hosts’ entry was extremely unique and fun. Nepali culture is similar to Indian culture in several ways. The cultural music was very different compared to the Indian music though. The traditional attire was strikingly distinctive. The Nepali folk song fusion really stood out the most. Initially the music was very traditional with basic instruments, however to my surprise my stereotypical notion had changed after Khusbu Rai’s song, she sang a song and a couple of students played guitar it had a rock feel to it and a combination of rock and classic made it unique. Nepal Night organized the dinner a bit differently. After all of the performances were done, nearly all of the attendees formed a long line back into the Atwood Ballroom to finish up the night, where warm Nepali cuisine was already waiting for the audience. The food served was very similar to Indian cuisine and the menu was diverse. I was surprised to see that the most, minute details of the cuisine were similar to the Indian cuisine. A lot of work went into organizing the event together. There were traditional dance performances-solo, couple as well as group. The Nepali Student Association went to great lengths to ensure the show was as professional and enjoyable as it can be.
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