Culture Interview Summary

Topics: Hygiene, Family, United States Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: April 9, 2008
I interviewed a friend of mine named Leticia. She is from Ghana and is a sophomore at Frostburg State University. In 1996 my father came here to further his education and he realized there are better opportunities out here as well. “He wanted us to get the best education possible and a better life so he brought us as well.” So he sent for his family. When they got to the United States they were took placement tests to determine the grade they were to be placed in. Leticia and her older sister graduated for high school in Montgomery County. The currently reside in Montgomery county. In Ghana the men make most of the family decisions, although it is not unusual to see a single mother or a heavily working mother. Women are normally housewives and basically take care of the homes and the children. Some also work in the markets, so when the husband brings home the farming products they go to the market to sell them. I don’t see it as something so bad because I believe this is all done by choice. In America it is very common to see a mother running a business as well as a household. Education is greatly emphasized on in Ghana. When dealing with education children normally do not have a say in this subject matter. The teachers are seen as parents. They can discipline however they feel fit and the parents don’t complain. Children are constantly reminded that education gets you very far and out of the villages. Leticia thinks that in the United States education is not taken as seriously as it should be. Children go to school hang out in the halls, they don’t go to school, or and they disrespect the teachers. The majority of the parents that have disruptive children are busy working two and three jobs to make ends meet.

In Ghana adults are very well respected and almost never disobeyed or talked backed to. It is said that adults have been around longer and know what is best. Leticia believes that she is not very Americanized she and her family live and...
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