Culture in Us

Topics: United States, Individualism, Ralph Waldo Emerson Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Values and Attitudes
Values are principles or beliefs that serve as guidelines to help people make decisions about actions, behaviors and choices in life. Its reflect what people value and how they feel about right or wrong of things. Values are usually influenced by many factors such as experiences, perceptions, parents, friends, school and religion. Every countries in this world have their own values, same goes to United States of America (USA). As a whole, USA is strongly being viewed as religious (Christian) nation. In USA, people strive to combine a strong sense of ethics with efforts to do good. They are also freely being themselves as independent individuals. Besides, Americans are often seen as “having live to work” than “work to live” that being practiced by many Europeans. In addition, certain values and beliefs vary by region. South is characterized as very conservative in its political and religious view. This part of the country is always referred as “bible belt” while the west coasts are more liberal in its view. Some communities such in California and Washington have a large “hippie culture” and New York has many urban areas which quite progressive on the whole. Attitudes are the way a person expresses or applies their values or beliefs. Its being expressed through words and behavior. To get to know about Americans life, there’s some regular attitudes that they shared. They are, greetings, distance and eye contact and getting to the point. Greetings : Americans oftenly shake hands firmly with each other when they met for the first time and also when they meet again, but rarely when they be part of Europeans. Social kissing as a greeting followed by a light body hug and also sometimes being acceptable between men and women who know each other well and among women. American men rarely embrace each other or kiss on both cheeks. Distance and Eye Contact : When two Americans are standing and talking to each other they will stay at least 16...
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