Culture in Opinion

Topics: Culture, Communication, Writing Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: January 7, 2013
When a person ask what is culture? Many variations of answers come up. What is it about diverse experiences that can change the most cynic person’s perspective on the world? Maybe it is not a physical connection but emotional.

For the most part of humanity’s life, people have always had insight when something was wrong or right. The debate on whether one believes it or not is an entirely different matter; however that emotional connection between friend, lover, mentor, family may be the bond that erases cultural differences; Movies like Eat Pray Love show the viewer how that actor came to accept all three cultures unquestionably. For a more intimate connection interracial relationships are a perfect example. Partners of an interracial relationship understand their spouse’s position emotionally, physically, even culturally. While these types of relationship are more accepted in today’s society there nevertheless are stereotypes and other negative aspects these couples face. They must stay strong in their relationship if their family and friends disapprove but they have a maturity only few know. The key to these relationships could be the privileges of an open-mind.

In essence, the more an individual accepts different cultures the less narrow-minded that person will be an open-mind allows folks to comprehend each-other point which is just as important as making one’s own. Those who do not possess an open-mind lack a crucial part of their personality that makes it easier to “hear the other person out.” Inherit The Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee is a great sample that show how having an open-mind can be almost life-saving. Some of the greatest open-minded people have broadened the way society communicates to one another, through the use of technology and the world-wide-web.

Generally speaking, technology plays a major part in cultural experiences. Each environment or settings call for unique needs or wants and out of these needs or wants technology...
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