Culture in Harmony with Nature

Topics: Coral reef, Ecosystem, Natural environment Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Culture in harmony with nature
Today, almost the entire source of income of people comes from the environment. They get their income either from land or aquatic resources but some people abuse these natural resources. Due to poverty, people now use drastic measures that harm the environment in getting more from the natural resources available.

People abuse nature in getting aquatic resources such as Dynamite fishing. Dynamite fishing is the practice of using explosives to kill schools fishes for easy collection. It cause destruction of coral reefs which is the home of many fishes. By using this method, it kills fingerling that should replenish the ones that should be harvested properly. A matter of fact not only aquatic life were affected by this method but the same as the fishermen who try to use this method. Losing an arm a foot, losing their own life are the risks when they try to harvest fish in this method. The improper waste disposed in rivers and freshwaters also harm the aquatic life. It continuously kills fresh water creatures and even marine creatures like the Pasig River.

In addition, not only in water have people harmed the environment but also in land. The Kaingin System wherein people burn trees in the forest to cultivate it as a farm land. They transfer to other area repeating the same procedure. As they continue doing this system more and more trees are burned and not replenished. Another act of abuse of land resources is illegal logging. It is the harvest, transportation, purchase or sale of timber in violation of laws and as they cut off vast amount of trees they do not replenish it by planting small plants that will replace the cut off trees. Cultural practices that abuse both land and aquatic resources can harm the environment. Since we cannot get rid of this because it is the source of income of many individuals but we could teach them alternative ways to gain income in these resources without harming nature.
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