Culture Identity

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CST 229 Midterm Evaluation Sheet
Midterm Assignment Instructions
In this 6-8 page paper, you will describe your own current cultural identity. You must integrate identity concepts from chapters covered thus far, applying concepts about identity experiences that developed you. You will need to relate your personal identity to concepts learned from Chapter 1 - 6. Most importantly, you will apply the concepts from the readings to yourself, compare the insights they give you, and come to a conclusion about their relative importance for you personally. Midterm Assignment Details:

Identify the most important information that you need to include for writing an autobiography. When you write college term papers it's usually best to create an outline of details you plan to include before starting your term paper writing assignment. Write the information in chronological order. Most likely for this essay you will want to start with when and where you were born. You should then convey your family background and the impact family life has on your cultural identity. Next, consider your most important accomplishment from your life that you will lead up to in your writing. Then note any catalysts from your younger years that helped you reach this goal. Also mention obstacles when you write essays that nearly prevented you from reaching your goal. Omit extraneous information rather than disrupting the flow of the paper. You are not proving that you recall your while life story here, you are proving that you can write essays of high quality. Your midterm essay should include the following sections:

A. Family background: Using the concepts from chapter two, define your family structure, incorporate how family has contributed to family development. Include how your historical origin has impacted your family values.

B. Worldview: Using the concepts from chapter three, define your worldview and how it impacts your perspective. You can include details on how ethics, rituals, and...
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